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"Saturday Night" Graphic Novel PDF of the graphic novel based on the story of "Saturday Night" by The Infinity Ball. Artwork by Mike Schroeck. Story by Rick Reed. 59.2 MB
Album Notes
“Saturday Night” is an ambitious project that tells the story of one night the life of the 20-something hero. The story begins with the two songs (alt. rock 'It's Love" and moody, prog soundscape "Meant To Be") where we find the hero alone and depressed on the couch after a breakup with his girlfriend. After weeks of wallowing in self-pity his friends drag him out (upbeat pop/rock "Let's Go") for a night at the local bar (riff driven hard rocker "The Club Part 1") where he meets an amazing woman (latin alt rock "The Girl"). Disaster strikes as his psychotic ex-girlfriend (heavy rock "Super Psycho Ex-girlfriend) arrives at the bar and forces a quick exit out the side door (instrumental complete with loudspeaker voice warnings "Escape"). Faced with the need for comfort our young hero finds himself at the local Taco Bell where he laments his lack of action and wasted opportunity to ask this beautiful girl out (slow blues/rock "Lament At The Taco Bell"). He resolves to act and returns to the bar (prog rock "The Club Part 2") only to find that she is no longer there. Crushed, he exits the bar through the back door to the alley and finds his lost vixen dry heaving next to the dumpster in the classic arena rock ballad "Will You Remember Me") He gathers her up, carries her back home to his apartment. The next morning he awakes on the floor and sees her on the couch sleeping. Tension mounts as she begins to wake… will she remember him? She smiles, gives him a kiss and they decide to go get tattoos (alt rock "The End"). 

Accompanying the CD is a graphic novel with artwork by Mike Schroeck. The artwork was used to create a “Trailer” for the new CD available on YouTube.